Why Us?

Why ComputerScape Network Company


Why Us?

September 9, 2015
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Why ComputerScape?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you consider your computer network as a competitive advantage or a liability?
  • Do you find yourself working around your network issues instead of your network working for you?
  • Do you spend more time rebooting your computers than using them?
  • Is your “tech guy” frequently in way over his head?
  • Have you thrown tons of money at your computers with minimal results?
  • Do you really know if your backup strategy is working?
  • Are you sure your data is secure?
  • How long does it take your “tech guy” to return your calls, let alone show up?
  • Can you get the answers you need to make informed technology purchase decisions?

You know you need computers to do business, and when they’re not working right, you’re losing money. However, you probably don’t know what you need to make your network more efficient. Maybe you’re interested in document imaging, but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you need new equipment, but are lost in the malaise of technology jargon. That’s why you need a good technology consultant.

ComputerScape Network Company offers small business the capability and availability of an enterprise-level IT department with outsourcing affordability. Our extensive network of suppliers and specialists gives us the ability to recommend, acquire, and maintain nearly any computer solution imaginable. Furthermore, our expertise and experience with small business allow us to provide comprehensive, efficient, and cost effective troubleshooting, repair, and upgrade services. Finally, our knowledge of the computer world and talent for translating even the most obscure network lexicon into plain English lets you make informed decisions for the future.

 With ComputerScape, you get the technical consulting your business needs and the IT support to keep running at an affordable price.  And with two decades of computer know-how, you’re getting advice you can trust and peace of mind knowing your data is safe.  If you’re ready to get your to get your network working for you instead of the other way around, please drop us a line.

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